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Greatness is born.Edit

On January 7th 1981 in Raleigh North Carolina Kendell Mason gave birth to her first son Sean Gavin Mason, at Birth Sean weighed 8lbs. Edit

Growing up!Edit

(brief history)

Sean grew up in a small town south of Buffalo, NY. He went to school at Bolivar-Richburg Central in the town of Bolivar NY. He participated in sports Football, and Wrestling. At a young Age of 8 his step father James Montgomery enrolled him into the Mix Martial Arts school. That is where Sean first met his best friend Dylan Thomas(Dylan Cage) the both of them became best friends and grew a tight bond over the years.

(Teen years)

At the age of 14, Sean and Dylan participated in MMA tournaments around the state gaining success and developing a reputation on the mat.

Sean's teen years was not all glory thought at the age of 16 he knocked up his high school girlfriend Crystal and she gave birth to a healthy boy in which she named Shawn Alexander Mason. Feeling the pressure to support his child Sean doubled up his senior year and graduated from High school at the age of 17. No longer in school Sean started fighting in what is dubbed the Mix Martial arts Minor leagues. That is where Sean was discovered by Arsports Executive Aaron Roark.

Aaron Roark approached Sean after a fight where Sean was DQ for an illegal hit. Aaron told Sean about a wrestling promotion that he started called the ABCW, Sean talked it over with Crystal and they agreed and a week later Sean signed a 6 month contract.

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